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Holiday Menu 2022

**This is the only selection available for order

beginning Tue. Dec. 20th  through Sat, Dec. 24th.

Pick- ups for Fri/23 and Sat/24 after 10am ONLY


No special orders.          Closed Christmas Day

Pies:  $30

Apple         Apple Crumb           Cranberry Pear          Pecan            Pumpkin



Chocolate Cream     8” - $30     10” - $35

Fresh Fruit – finished with Almonds (optional)      8” - $35     10” - $45



Cakes:    6” (serves 6-8) - $35       8” (serves 10-12) - $45     10” (serves 14-20) - $60

Coconut      Double Mousse       Flourless Chocolate       Plain Cheesecake        Red Velvet

Holiday Cakes


Buche de Noel:   $70  (11” Serves 8-12)

Flourless Chocolate roulade filled with your choice of White or Dark Chocolate Mousse

decorated with Meringue mushrooms and sugar holly


Panettone  $35

Traditional Christmas Italian sweet bread. 

Ours is baked with chocolate chunks and candied orange


Stollen  $35

A German Christmas tradition, this sweet yeast bread is studded

with dried cranberries and candied orange, with a ribbon of marzipan in the middle


Persimmon Pudding     Individual - $12     Large - $65

Golden raisins and seasonal spices make this cognac laced specialty

the perfect ending to your holiday meal


Cookies & Cookie Platters


Cookie Platter  - $40

An assortment of specialty holiday cookies and favorites

from our daily selection.  Serves 8-10

Gingerbread Cookies - $4.00 each

Your choice of:  Man, Woman, Snowflake, Dreidel, Star of David

Rugelach - $1.50 each

Apricot Pistachio, Cinnamon,

Raspberry Chocolate

Coconut Macaroons

Plain - $1.50 each     Chocolate Dipped - $1.75 each

Breakfast Pastries 

Almond Croissant   $5.50         Croissant   $3.50     

Monkey Bread   $4      Pain au Chocolat   $5

 Scone   (Blueberry, Lemon Currant, Maple Oat)   $3



Tea Loaves - $10

Banana Chocolate Chip          Cranberry Zucchini          Pumpkin Cream Cheese

Bread and Dinner Rolls

Baguette   $3.50    

Sourdoughs:   Cranberry Pecan   $6     Olive   $6      SoNo   $5     Whole Wheat   $5

Cinnamon Raisin   $11

Dinner Rolls (Assorted 12 pack)  $9

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